Waterproof Fly Box w/ Silicone Insert

$15.99 CAD
These slim, silicone insert fly boxes are perfect for keeping your small to medium-sized files organized. They're best suited for dry flies, nymphs, eggs, worms, and other terrestrial patterns. Larger streamers will not fit into the silicone slots.
  • Holds 74 flies securely in a silicone insert, flies don't fall out
  • Won't absorb moisture or break down like foam box inserts
  • Clear, durable, polycarbonate lid for easy viewing
  • Waterproof seal keeps out dust, pests, mold, and moisture
  • Slim profile fits in most chest wader pockets and vests

It's best to leave your fly box open after a day of fly fishing to let your used flies dry out before storing for prolonged periods of time.

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